It began innocently…

In 1982 our government created a program designed to genetically engineer superior beings.

Labeled the G.A.P. Program, it was an unparalleled success.

     Ginny Carrera’s hometown of Layton, Kansas is experiencing a rash of kidnappings. Still when her parents install a panic room in her bedroom closet, she thinks they’ve lost it. That is, until she’s forced to use it. When she emerges, the life that greets her is nothing like the one she left behind.

   In the space of a week, she’s fleeing a past she didn’t know existed. Her parents are not her parents, scientists designed her, and a U.S. senator has her in his sights. Worse than discovering she’s a genetic freak, is being chased by government factions who want the ‘proof’ of the program, the Genetically Altered Persons (GAPs), to disappear. Designed to survive a nuclear war, Ginny is the most valuable. Senator Emerson intends to sell her valuable DNA – whole or in parts – to the highest bidder. With the help of lifelong friends, Toad and Mayo, she sets out to bring down the senator and his crew of human engineers.

    Ginny’s goal is to blow the lid off the biggest scientific scandal of the century before the powers that be silence her, permanently.

THE G.A.P. PROJECT is a Sci/Fi thriller of 67,000 words.

Those who seek the power of the creator are eventually destroyed by that power…

“We are but mortals born into the light who walk blindly into the hallowed shadows of creation, looking for God.”

~ Dr. Khamspouri